A private charter service that allows you to reach non airline destinations on a schedule that you control



Rossair offers businesses cost-effective travel solutions with the superior ability reach some of Australia’s most remote destinations.

Our charter service ensures a productive and private environment to conduct business while in the air and the flexibility to alter your flight schedule on demand.

Efficiency is vital in business travel which is why our flexible schedules and ability to reach more destinations than larger services allow you to be in and out of a maximum number of locations within the shortest amount of time.

Make the most of your time with the convenience and perks of flying with Rossair.

Arrive at our private flight lounge at Adelaide Airport where you will go from your vehicle to the air in just minutes aboard your own private aircraft.

Our onsite complimentary parking and on board catering ensures you experience the ultimate in luxury and convenience from the moment you arrive for your flight.




Our fleet is able to reach Australia’s remotely located sites. We specialise in the oil, gas and mining industries, tailor making solutions for each of our clients.

We understand the importance a punctual, reliable service has on productivity and offer tailor made solutions to suit your company’s specific requirements.

We are able to facilitate company specific drug and alcohol testing in complete privacy within Rossair’s flight lounge.



Rossair’s fleet is capable of providing efficient freight solutions day and night. From machinery, documents to live seafood we offer tailored solutions that will meet your needs.